25 Random Things About Me o_o

So our server is kinda down at work, everythings a little slow so i thought i do this…

I saw it on old blogs and notes so why fuckin’ not.

1. I love ranch, I eat it with almost everything. 

2. I graduated high school a year early bc I hated school, I was probably only there half the time.

3. My mom is my best friend, even though she makes me hate her guts 99.9% of the time.

4. I’m not gonna lie, I don’t have many friends, I only have a couple close ones, but I rather have a small group of friends where I can count on them.

5. I hate cheap, stingy people, if you don’t have money to go eat, then don’t go out. 

6. I was very depressed and suicidal when I was about 17 to about 19 years old, but thanks to one person, I got over my suicidal stage and I’m still fighting to become happy J.

7. I have no patience whatsoever, if I have to pick your ass up and you’re not outside by the time I called you and I get there, I will fuckin leave. I HATE waiting. 

8. I love kids, but I will never have any. I don’t think I have the capability to be a mother.

9. I have a love for raves… it’s once in a while where I can go crazy and not care at all.

10. I was very, very, very skinny when I was 17, it came to a point where I had to see a nutritionist for a year and a half. 

11. I kind of regret my tattoo, but at the same time I want a full sleeve.. too bad I’m too scared to go back haha.

12. I am farsighted, weirddd cause I’m not even old. But I think it’s because I’m on the computer most of the day.

13. I am the manager/vp at my company! I’m very proud of how I started as an assistant and moved my way up.

14. I don’t like any of my family members.. ( cousins, aunts, uncles.. ) because they are all annoying.

15. My little sister looks like me, she’s like the mini version of me. 

16. I am one angry drunk, I think I just have rage issues and I keep a lot of things bottled up.

17. I hate inconsiderate people, I hate people who think of others before acting.

18. I hate feeling helpless, if I could, I would be superwoman. 

19. I have a bunch of people on my hit list I would like to take revenge on, but …..

20. I love Tucker Max, he’s one of my favorite authors. 

21. I am not neat at ALL when I’m at home, but at work, I’m one of the most organized, anal-ed person you’ll meet, my work comes first and I am a perfectionist to the point where my boss gets annoyed sometimes. 

22. I like breakfast in bed. 

23. I had hair extensions for four years and finally I gave them up. Sigh.. I miss them , but they were breaking my wallet.

24. I love kbbq because I love to eat and drink. Mostly because I love the bean sprouts, yumzzicles

25. I love cooking, I like mixing recipes and coming up with new ideas. My dream job would be a head chef or food critic.  

my favorite show of all time

my favorite show of all time

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Number one reason why I’m never invited to sleepovers.


Number one reason why I’m never invited to sleepovers.

When I drink redbull & vodka



The stage is set… Season 3 is near.


The stage is set… Season 3 is near.

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pet peeves.

bored at work. so might as well..

1. people at restaurants who slurp their food really loud

2. passing a blunt around & when it gets to you, shit is wet like a mothafucka

3. people who don’t wash their hands after they use the restroom

4. girls who take their shoes off at the club

5. people who jaywalk in the middle of the night 

6. people , haha jk